Romania – new market dynamics and opportunities, Conference

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16:45 bis 17:45





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Romania has one of the strongest macro-economic growth in EU with a stable forecast (2017: 4,3%; 2018: 3,7% ). Property fundamentals are also strong with solid prime yields (Bucharest – retail: 6,75%, office:7,25% and logistic: 8,75%).

 The demand for industrial and logistic spaces increased significantly by 54% y-o-y in H1 this year. Retail and logistics had the largest share in total demand (65%), followed by the manufacturing industry (22%). Experts are expecting a similar trend compared to last year: retail assets taking once more the center stage, followed closely by offices. Hotel investements are also expected to play an important part in the total volumes.

Companies wanting to invest or expand on the Romanian market can get first hand information at the conference Romania: new market dynamics and opportunities on the 4th of October (16:45 – 17:45) in the Discussion & Networking Forum Hall A1.

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