Iran: 6th IRAN EUROPE FORUM – Banking and Business

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28.04.2018 bis 29.04.2018





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Two years after Implementation Day and the ratification of the Iran deal, most of the sanctions against Iran have been lifted. President Rouhani was re-elected for another period of four years which offers – on the Iranian side – a political stability. However, the political situation remains difficult – with a continuous distrust from the US American administration and the fear that the US may re-inact the sanctions against Iran.

Iran remains nevertheless one of the most important markets for Europe with its majorly young and highly educated population. However, investors and executives are forced to take their next steps with great awareness and prudence. The forthcoming 6th Iran Europe Forum: Banking and Business offers an ideal platform for the exchange of ideas and experiences with representatives from politics, academia, the banking and finance industry as well as from medium-sized enterprises.

Jointly with the Central Bank of the I.R. of Iran and the Iranian Embassy in Germany and the Association of Iranian Banks in Europe, Maleki Corporate Group hosts the 6th Forum Iran Europe: Banking and Business on 28 and 29 April 2018 in Tehran.

Venue: Espinas Palace Hotel, Teheran, Iran

For more detailed information, please contact Ms. Katja Schubert, Maleki Corporate Group,