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The automotive industry is going through a period of tremendous change. The rise of Chinese OEM’s, autonomous driving, E-mobility and connectivity are major disruptive forces. They influence each other, but each has its own characteristics. In our workshop on Wednesday, June 6th, we will put the focus on the E-Mobility disruption and China.

New technologies give new opportunities to new companies, at the same time it forces current leaders to change and transform. Nowhere is this more evident than in China. The Chinese government and Chinese companies are embracing this change and trying to build leading global positions. The established players are responding. At the same time not all the technology questions are settled, the electrification has its own problems, the fuel cell technology is continuing to be developed, and currently the conventional combustion engine still rules.
China, by market size and speed of innovation, is positioning itself as the catalyst to drive the transformation of the business model and technological underpinnings of the global auto industry.

We will discuss this topic with three industry leaders. Each will give a 20 minutes presentation, then we will have a 30 minutes discussion and Q&A session.

Bill Russo, Senior industry expert and CEO of Automobility Limited will give us an overview on the current state of the E-mobility transformation globally and in China.
Dr. Ye Guohong, Vice President and Head of E-Mobility Asia-Pacific at ZF, will show what this change means for a leading automotive supplier and how it responds to the challenges of the future.
Roger Looney, Vice President of Vehicle Engineering and Electric Propulsion at Qoros will give the perspective of Qoros and how an OEM ensures its future in the changing environment.




Hyatt Regency Shanghai Global Harbor
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