China: TAICANG Workshop: “Gold Mine: How to dig out the gold from your organization?”


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We believe that every organization is a gold mine. The challenge for the top management nevertheless is, to find the gold and how to make it available to your organization.
Dr. Jeff Zhou from Lean Enterprise China (LEC) and Mr. Victor Zhou from fischer Consulting will share their insights of the “journey of Lean Thinking” with you:

Many foreign companies find it difficult to find the “gold” in China. What is the gold and where can you find it in your organization? With lean thinking you can find a direction for your organization and improve your lean management. The shared best practice examples during the workshop will give you more ideas on how to improve your company’s processes and even that of your suppliers in China. A brief introduction of the Global Lean trend and Lean Practice in China will give you insights on how your competitors are operating. Indicators for your company’s operational health check will be shared during the session as well.
Finally, Mr. Victor Zhou will present a tool for “seeing the gold” in your company, which is also used as a model of the academic research on the Lean Status of German companies in Taicang initiated by LEC and fischer Consulting and will introduce the German Chamber Special Project TAICANG: Lean Assessment for German Companies.




German Center
Dongting Building, No. 319 Zhenghezhong Road



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