China: Modern IP in a Globalized World in View of Chinese Challenges

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15:00 bis 17:30




8 North Dongsanhuan Road, Chaoyang District
100004 Beijing

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Your company is global – so should your IP strategy be!

– How to build an effective patent portfolio? Tailor your filing strategy to your countries/regions of interest and obtain protection in China effectively. China provides for really interesting opportunities in IP protection.

– How to defend against attacks in China in an alternative way? Improve your odds in China by bringing the conflict to known soil. Use information from abroad in domestic conflicts.

– How to keep freedom to operate without patents? Defensive publications are a mighty tool to protect your freedom to operate and enhance the value of your patent portfolio.

– How to handle inventions made in R&D facilities in China?

– How to get effective protection quickly? Design patents might be a solution.