China: AWA-Seminar: Customs Practices and Export Control Regulations


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Details zum Termin

The automated clearance program launched by China Customs since 2016 has significantly improved the efficiency of clearance with China customs. However, such efficiency is conditional upon whether the trader can be trusted by the customs. Establishing and maintain efficient internal trade compliance programs is important to maintain the clearance efficiency treatment, to avoid severe administrative or criminal liabilities and to retain competitive advantage over those competitors implicated in non-compliance sandals.

Export Control Regulations

China does have a set of export control regulations in place now and occasionally companies are being investigated for failure to comply with such regulations, which sometimes jeopardizes the business operations of foreign investment in China. The Draft China Export Control Law, possibly to be passed in 2019, has caused attention. The export control scheme may also have an impact on intercompany development and transfer of technology.




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